Sweet Dreams


The Senate


Title: The Senate (feat. Kokayi)

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The following artists contributed enormously to the making of this video. Without their fine footage , these pictures would not have been possible. Thank you so much for publishing creativity in creative commons CC.BY ! Not only because of you, but because of you, it was a real pleasure to realize this video. and here’s the list of all contributors to this marvellous projekt: On ajay parthasarathy, annie spratt, bp miller, brian wertheim, chris henry, clay banks, darren halstead, derick mckinney, gayatri malhorta, george pagan, gwendal cottin, jacob boavista, jakayla toney, jose m, joshua sukoff, kadir celep, keith helfrich, koshu kunii, mana 5280, mika baumeister, mike von, munshots, nathan dumlao, parker johnson, pablo lara, roya ann miller, samantha sophia, dean lee, sebastiaan stam,thais do rio,tito texidor on daniel bendig, daniel torobekov, ferdous hasan, joshua santos, kei scampa, kelly lacy, life matters, malcolm garret, rosemary ketchum, sebastiaan stam, shane aldendorff, joss cinematic, lennart wittstock Peace For George Floyd by Zainob+Mathew Create on Justice In Motion by Gianluca Petrazzi on people throwing fire on Black Protester Hugs A Nazi by on