bass composer bandleader

The composer and producer Tomba is back with his new funk jazz project Tombajazz. Bassist Tomba has selected well-known musicians from the Munich jazz scene. Tommy Eberhardt Drums, Evan Tate Sax, Hansi Enzensperger (Orgel Explosion) Keys, Jan Zehrfeld (Panzerballett) Guitar and Bastien Rieser Trumpet and Flugelhorn as well as Grammy nominated artist Kokayi (USA).
The upcoming album with mostly own compositions is characterized by funky beats with catchy themes that catch your ear. The songs are consistently modal, which leaves a lot of freedom for improvisation. „It was important to me to make the song structure simple and catchy, accompanied by earthy grooves and catchy themes“ … says Tomba. The musical influences of his Miles Davis vinyl collection as well as the funk influences are unmistakable. … „once you’ve seen Miles live, it grabs you irresistibly and casts you under its spell forever“ …

For the pre-release single „The Senate (Foley)“ he brought the Grammy-nominated musician and rapper Kokayi on board. With his outstanding rap, Kokayi not only makes a political statement, but also speaks openly about the problem.

As an autodidact he learned to play the electric bass very late and after a short study he played live at the St. Gallen Jazz School in Berlin. After training as a sound engineer, tomba also works as a composer and producer.

Therefore it is an honor for him to play with such outstanding musicians. During his time as a songwriter, Tomba and his band at the time won 1st place at the German Rock and Pop Prize.
But his roots are in jazz, which always fascinates him anew.