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Tombajazz the funky jazz project from Munich

Bassist Tomba has selected well-known musicians from the Munich jazz scene. The project started in 2020. The idea was to bring together a selection of great jazz musicians from Munich. The first single „The Senate“ was created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist and rapper Kokayi (USA) and was released in January 2021 as part of the BLM movement. The album was supposed to be released in the same year, but Corona and the Ukraine war that finally began put all that on hold.

The just released single with the song „Recollections“ (J. Zawinul) was recorded and filmed in a live studio session together with Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics).

Recollections is the first of three digital single releases ahead of the digital and physical album, which will be released in February 2023.

In the video for Recollections, an effect cut was added during the improvisation to underline the psychedelic character of the piece.

Why did I choose this track and album title? The Miles Davis Complete Bitches Brew Sessions is an outstanding album for me and far ahead of its time in my opinion. The song „Recollections“ impressed me the most along with „Guinnevere“. Of course it’s very difficult to interpret this song fairly in its own way. But I think we managed it quite well. The change of tempo during the song also gives it some boost.

Recollections as an album title because, in my opinion, we have reached a turning point socially.

The forthcoming album, mostly original, features funky beats with catchy, catchy themes. The songs are consistently modal, which leaves plenty of room for improvisation. …“It was important to me to make the song structure simple and catchy, accompanied by earthy grooves and catchy themes“…

The song Recollections is to be understood in one take with Recollections Intro because it was recorded in one take.