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Tombajazz the funky jazz project from Munich

Bassist Tomba has selected well-known musicians from the Munich jazz scene. The project started in 2020 and the idea was to bring together a selection of great jazz musicians from Munich. The first single „The Senate“ (Miles Davis,Foley) was created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist and rapper Kokayi (USA) and was released in January 2021 as part of the BLM movement. The album was supposed to be released in the same year, but Corona and the Ukraine war that finally began put all that on hold.
The forthcoming album Recollections is musically very different and offers a broad spectrum of funk, jazz and chillout. The tracks were recorded in different formations. „Sweet Dreams“ and „Recollections“ were performed live in a studio session. In the videos recorded for this purpose, it is not difficult to imagine the full potential of what the band still has. In „Sweet Dreams“ Evan Tate begins with a cool, expressive solo in the middle part and Thorben Schütt (Jazzrausch) rounds it all off with unbelievable power and emotion at the end that you think he’s floating in other spheres.
„Recollections“ along with „Guinnevere“ always impressed me on Miles Davis‘ album „Bitches Brew“. Of course it’s very difficult to interpret this song fairly in its way. But I think we managed it quite well The tempo change throughout the song also gives it a bit of a boost.
The theme of „Pink Panther“ had inspired me with a funky bassline and starts with the modified theme followed by the horn section. Bastien Rieser improvises the trumpet in different parts and styles with cool effects at the end of the song.
With his synthesizer solo in „Mars Attack“ Hansi Enzensperger (ex. Organ Explosion) sets a special note and highlight. He plays everything on his large collection of vintage analogue synthesizers, on which he also creates the alien sounds. The song begins with a bass riff loop that runs through the themes, followed by an effects-infused bass solo.
The album, mostly original, features funky beats with catchy, catchy themes. The songs are consistently modal, which leaves plenty of room for improvisation.

…“It was important to me to make the song structure simple and catchy, accompanied by earthy grooves and catchy themes“…says Tomba

He learned to play the electric bass as an autodidact and moved to Berlin after attending a seminar at the Jazz School in St. Gallen. After training as an audio engineer, Tomba also works as a composer and producer.